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Erie Restoration, Inc. provides residential and commercial fire and water restoration and repair services to Erie, PA and the surrounding areas. We are available with an emergency response crew 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our expert restoration teams can repair fire and associated smoke as well as any type of water loss you may experience. We also provide mold remediation after a flood or similar event to keep your home safe long after the water is gone. Call us today for all of your restoration needs. (814) 835-HELP

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Home Restoration Erie PA

Our team will be there from the first steps of emergency board-up, working with you and the insurance company to clean and store any damaged belongings, while simultaneously restoring your home to its former glory!
Damage Repair Services Erie PA

Whether it is sewage, mold, or trauma, our service professionals work alongside you and the insurance company to eliminate all grievances, and restore your home to its former glory.
water damage repair services erie pa

When your property experiences damage, it is important that the contents of your home are cleaned and stored properly. Contents are often salvageable with timely, professional expertise. Our skilled professionals determine what is salvageable, create a photo inventory, and carefully pack and transport them to our restoration facility.
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A list of all the services we offer

24/7 Response

• Fire Damage Restorations Services
• Water Damage Repair Services
• Wind Damage Restorations
• Professional Smoke Damage Services
Home/Structural Cleanup and Management

24/7 Response

• Mold Remediation
• Sewage Cleanups
• Trauma Cleanups
• Water Damage Cleanups
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24/7 Response

• Belongings Storage and Restoration
• Transportation of Belongings
• Customer Support
We Recondition Your Disasters
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