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When Foliage Becomes a Flood: 10 Tips For Managing Leaves and Drainage on Your Property

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Fall in Erie is a sight to behold!

But don't let foliage turn into a flood...

Raking Leaves To Prevent Flood

Here's a simple guide to protect your home and business this fall.

1. Regular Raking

Don't wait for a sea of leaves. Rake often. It stops big leaf piles that block drains.

2. Keep an Eye on Drains and Gutters:

Check drains around your home or business. Leaves shouldn't pile up there. Be sure to remove leaves from gutters, too. Blocked gutters can cause roof or wall damage.

3. Bag Those Leaves:

Raked up a bunch? Put them in bags. Don't let them become a water problem.

4. Mulch Leaves If Possible:

A mulch mower shreds leaves into finer pieces, making them easier to fit into bags.

5. Stay Alert:

Leaks don't wait for the sun. Whether it's a home, business, or rental, be on guard. Erie Restoration, Inc. gets it.

A Yard At Risk of Flooding

6. Clear Pathways:

Keep pathways and near-door areas clean. It prevents leaves from being dragged indoors, where they might cause damp spots.

7. Watch Those Low Spots:

Yards with dips can collect water. Rake leaves out of these spots to avoid puddles.

8. Check Basements:

Basements are flood hotspots. Ensure leaves don't block exterior drains.

9. Ask for Help:

Have a water issue already? Reach out. Erie Restoration, Inc. helps with water leak cleanup in both residential and commercial spots. We're open 24/7.

10. Educate Neighbors:

Share tips with those living nearby. When the whole neighborhood works together, the risk of flooding drops.

So, enjoy the fall beauty, but stay sharp. By taking care of those leaf piles, your home or business remains safe from water woes. If water troubles do pop up, remember Erie Restoration, Inc. is always ready to help!


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