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4 Steps To Take Immediately After A House Fire

After a house fire, its important to take action quickly and carefully to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you, as well as your property. Here are the steps to take immediately following a house fire.

Engine 8 Station 832 East Avenue Erie PA
Source: Erie Fire Department -

1. Make sure everyone in the house is safe and accounted for. If anyone is missing, inform the firefighters immediately. Next, if you haven't already, call 911 and wait for emergency responders to arrive. They will assess the situation and take the necessary steps to put out the fire.

Disaster Restoration Workers in Erie, PA
Disaster Restoration Workers at ERI Headquarters.

2. Contact your insurance company and a disaster restoration service. If the fire has been put out and it's safe to enter the house, assess the damage and document it thoroughly. This detail-intensive process is best done by experts from a disaster restoration company. They will take pictures of the damage and make a list of anything that's been lost or damaged, as well as help transporting personal property to temporary storage.

3. Don't attempt to clean up or remove any damaged items yourself. There may be hidden dangers, such as structural damage or hazardous materials. Leave the cleanup to the professionals.

4. Finally, reach out to family and friends for emotional support during this difficult time. Don't be afraid to ask for help and seek out professional counseling if needed.

Remember, it's normal to feel overwhelmed, sad, or angry after a traumatic event like a house fire, but with time and support, you can recover and rebuild.


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